Monday, June 29, 2009

We are moving!!!

If you have been following my blog and noticed a lag in up loads...well we are moving and it has been a crazy ride. To maintain my sanity I created some fun moving cards to let family and friends know our new address. I created one simple quick design and then another more involved design. I had a lot of fun playing with this stamp set.

The simple design

I stamped the moving stamp from Loads of Love accessories in versa mark all over the kiwi cardstock. The only difference in the two simple versions is the ribbon. Under the brown strips I had printed from the computer our new address and names.

This version is a fun pocket card!!
As you can see when you pull the card out it has our address and the fun people from All in the Family! As you can see this version took a little longer to create. I think I only made 10 of these and 2o of the other version.

I hope to be in my new stamp room and stamping again very soon but until then.....

Happy Stamping!!!

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