Sunday, December 16, 2007

You Know You are Addicted to Stamping When...

I am part of several Yahoo groups and this was sent out recently. I just had to share....too funny how I can see myself in quite a few of these!

You Know You are Addicted to Stamping when..

you have glitter all over your face

you look down and realize you are wearing Chocolate Chip and Certainly Celery - not brown and green

you take a piece of SU! card stock with you to the paint store so you can paint your walls your favorite color

you buy the Starbucks frapachino's or altoid's just so you can make gifts with the containers

everything you see in the store you say "I could stamp on that"

you have a copy of the SU! catalog not only on your coffee table, but in your car, at your nightstand, and in the bathroom!

you buy a candle you don't need in the color you don't like just to have the little decorative metal tag to use for dry embossing or as an embellishment on a card

you sleep with a notebook on your nightstand to wright down ideas that come to your mind when your in bed

your vacation luggage to Kauai holds more stamping supplies than clothing

your carry on luggage holds quick WOW projects to complete while waiting to board the plane and in flight

your annual CHA tradeshow trips to the Anaheim Convention Center do not include Disneyland side trips

the neighbor across the street asks if I ever sleep because when she gets up during the night she sees my stamp room light on

friends and family look forward to receiving their hand stamped birthday and holiday cards
you go on a long weekend retreat to the Sierra mountains with church friends and volunteer to bring a stamp project for an afternoon activity

your children see someone they don't know smiling at them at McDonalds and ask you, mommy, is that one of your stamping ladies?² and when you say no, they yell at her - hey lady, you should come to our house and make some cards

You know you are stamper when.... you see someone's beautiful outfit and you just KNOW you can replicate it for a card

you shop for paint colors, you think in terms of "mellow moss" or "so saffron”

You go out in public with ink stains on your fingers and glitter on your face

your children ask you if they should wear their Night of Navy pants or the Brocade Blue ones with the Real Red shirt

you describe the sunset as Almost Amethyst with hints of So Saffron

even the dog is sporting a stamped Halloween costume (stamped of course)

you have enough sets to insulate your house

your dinner table is completely covered with stamping projects at all times

you say to a potential mugger - "Stop, I have a heat gun

you know glitter is handy for locating your lost husband or children at the mall

you promise to go to bed after you finish this card; no really after you finish THIS card; and it turns into never

you use your double sided tape to hem a skirt

you go shopping with a friend and say "Oh, I Love that Really Rust blouse

You try to stamp anything that does not move very fast, including children and pets

You feel you need a 12 step program but do not really want to be cured

You have a kitchen table that can not be eaten at without moving a large tote of supplies

Seeing the top of your stamp area has not happened for months

You have stamps that have not been mounted

You have to have all 48 colors of stamp pads, markers, paper and the In colors and neutrals

The camper has general supplies including Stampin' Spots, paper, paper cutter, and 2-4 stamp sets

When you walk by a card in the store and say to yourself, "I can make that!"

when...your husband has to specify "that bangy thing you use to set eyelets" when he wants you to hand him the hammer

you smooth out your nails with sanding blocks because you know where THEY are, but you have no idea where your nail file might be

you buy 3 bottles of nail polish and never use them on your fingers, but you've got all your new rubber stamp wood blocks sealed so they don't get stained with ink

you accidentally refer to your blow dryer as a "heat tool

you buy Swiffer dusting refills or Bounce dryer sheets without any housework in mind

you report to your family that the weather forecast today calls for a clear Soft Sky, possibly Going Grey by mid-afternoon

Linda Rhondstat is not the first thing you think of when you hear the words "Blue Bayou

your husband comes home and tells you his new boss' birthday is coming up, and he really wants to make a great impression, so he asks YOU to make the card

you spend more time in your stamp room than you do in bed

you go to sleep planning card layouts

you spout item or page numbers from memory
when every card you see you say, Oh I have that set it is one of my favorites

you teach your maid (not that I have one) to stamp and she no longer cleans

when you save your "frills" from purchases to uses as embellishments on your cards

your kids go to grandma's house and ask for stamps and punches and she gives them postage stamps and makes a fist

you tell your husband you'd like to paint the dining room mellow moss, you buy a new sweater that is apricot appeal and giving directions to a stranger you tell them to turn left just after you pass the brocade blue house on the corner

you see a molded design on a styrofoam take-out container and think it would make a great card

you go to Michael's or the SBS and buy MORE paper just because it's on sale (even though your shelves, storage, whatever is bursting at the seams!!)

looking at your hands w/out ink on them looks wrong

you are looking at the dress of the woman in front of you at church and note the color combination to use to make a card!

you take your color coach to the paint store with you

your customers write checks out to you as Stampin' ____

your kids leave notes on your stamping desk instead of any other surface in your home

your purse is the mini catalog bag that you got at convention

you have more money invested in stamps and inkpads than clothes in your closet

you play dominoes with friends and even the husbands refer to the domino colors in Stampin' Up! Colors

you ask your husband to pick up a stalk of certainly celery from the grocery store

when your kids start making art projects out of the extra rubber from cutting out stamps AND then you start stamping with it. And yes I have done this. Makes a great mosaic.....

you save every conceivable type of packaging (cardboard boxes, acrylic/plastic cases, etc.), because you just know you can turn it into something fabulous one day

you buy a table cloth because it looks like one of our designer series papers

you know you are a stamper when an advert comes on TV promoting an upcoming(tonight) current affairs program talking about a white ant infestation doing lots of damages to homes in some area (don't know where yet) and your 24 year old son says.
"Hey mum don't forget to lock your stamps away somewhere safe. You don't want all those white ants to come to this area and gobble up all that wood".

You know you are a stamper when you are at work at an auto assembly plant, you look at a new car with a new color and think, "Wow, Not Quite Navy!"

you know when you're a stamper when, you go out to dinner and YOUR HUSBAND and he confiscates all the chip board coasters for you so you can use them later to make books out of them. What a guy, you just gotta love a man who takes care of his stampaholic wife

you look at everything from clothing tags to soup can labels and ask yourself: How can I use this in my art?? LOL

you know you are a stamper when you buy clothes to match a stamp set or buy a stamp set to match your clothes

You know you are a stamper when you stare at other people and try to identify the SU colors of their clothing.

You know you are a stamper when your husband says, gee, this is even prettier than a Hallmark card and cheaper too (if only he knew the truth).

You know you are a stamper when you've covered a boo-boo with another layer or some ribbon, LOL!

You know you are a stamper when you can recall all the dates of SU events, promotions, catalog distribution, mini catalog and SAB dates but cannot remember the birth dates of your sister's three kids, or for that matter her birthday either.
you know you are a stamper when you have "scoped" out all the stamping stores located in or near (within 100 miles) of your vacation site.

you know you are a stamper when you try to figure out how to get your step-son to let you stamp the cast on his broken arm. Would embossing get too hot?

you have boxes of empty coffee cans, pull tabs, baby food jars and starbucks aren't're saving them to stamp on them and give them away as gifts.

you are moving into a new house and you can pack EVERYTHING in SU boxes! Yep, it's true! And that kraft paper that comes in our boxes was FABULOUS to use rather than newspapers! LOL

Even your 9-year old granddaughter "sees" the world in SU colors. "Look Grams, that truck is Yo-Yo Yellow!"

You know you are a stamper when you don't throw away your paper trash (cereal boxes, cardboard inserts, yogurt containers, water bottles) because you can make a stamped gift from it or use it for chipboard on a stamping project.

you know you are stamper when.... you just paint your nails clear, because you always have ink on them anyway.

you know you are addicted to stamping when you have sealed all the Christmas card envelopes and you realize you forgot to scan some of the cards for your web page so you carefully open the envelope (cos you can also remember who you gave which card to), scan them, then reseal the envelopes.

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