Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School Class!

Stampin Up! has an awesome promotion going right now for kids or just the kid in you! Check out my website: for more details. In honor of our kiddos I am going to be having a Back to School Class on Monday August 17th at 7 pm . We will be creating a fun back to school memory book. It will document happenings at the beginning of school, through the year and at the end as well. The cost for the class is $15. I got the idea for this class from a fellow demo, Stamp with Heather. She did the same type class in 2007. Below you will see some samples of the pages we will be creating...once complete the book will be bound using the Bind It All Machine.

A place for a first day picture!

Fun facts for the first day

If you are a homeschooler like myself let me know and we can adjust the pages to fit a homeschooler as well. :) RSVP by August 10th.

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