Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Punch Art

Thursday will start my second installment of punch art class. In the month of October you will see creations such as Ghosts, Black Cats, Pirate Boys as well as Elmo, Ernie and Bert. You will receive 20 punch art creations via a PDF file with a fun card or project. The cost for this class is $20, but I have added a bonus to it. If you do not have the punches, you can 't make the art, right? For $10 more, you can receive via mail (at the end of the class) the punched pieces for the creations. I will send you punched pieces for you to make the card and your punch book page, so enough for 3 images if you like. You can sign up for the class at anytime so email me or send your $20 or $30 to this email via Pay pal.

**Some punch art is original, some is cased but all cards and projects are original

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